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The Cure Merchandise

Formed in 1976 in Sussex, England, The Cure are an English rock band. The band line up currently consists of vocalist, lead, rhythm and bass guitarist Robert Smith (who is the only remaining original member of the band), bassist Simon Gallup, (who was originally in the band from 1979-82, then rejoined in 1985), keyboardist Roger O’Donnell (who has been in and out of the band), drummer Jason Cooper (joined in 1995) and lead, rhythm and bass guitarist Reeves Gabrels (the most recent member of the band, joining in 2012).

The band have released 13 studio albums so far. Their debut album Three Imaginary Boys was released in 1979, though their most successful albums ere their eighth album Disintegration (released in 1989) and their ninth album Wish (released in 1992) which went to number 1 in both the UK and Australian albums charts. The bands biggest single is probably 1992s Friday I’m In Love, which went to number 1 in the US Mod charts and number 6 in the UK singles chart.

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