45 years ago, marked the change in David Bowie's alter ego. Ziggy Stardust, a futuristic rock star, was soon to be replaced by new persona: Aladdin Sane.

“The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” was created in 1972. This album featured Bowie as an androgynous rock star who has appeared from an alternative planet. By 1973, Bowie was now tired of Ziggy Stardust and decided to retire him. Since the announcement the previous year, Bowie had a nonstop tour schedule which demanded him to act out this persona frequently. Around this time, Bowie released a brand-new album, which was soon to be the most successful and iconic album he would ever release. This album featured a new alter ego, which Bowie named Aladdin Sane.

Aladdin Sane

Aladdin Sane, or interpreted by fans: “a lad insane” was a turning point for Bowie. The “toned” down Ziggy Stardust adapted a new style – critiques explained this as “Ziggy Stardust reborn”. The Aladdin Sane album did feature some ‘Ziggy-like’ acts, and this is perhaps why the album was so successful. Best hits from the album include: “Drive-In Saturday”, “Panic in Detroit” and “The Jean Genie” – making this album the highest-charting United

The Aladdin Sane album features the iconic David Bowie lightning bolt, which has become one of the standout quirks of Bowie. Bowie describes this lightning bolt to be inspired by how he was feeling – “pulled in different directions during the hectic times during [his] life”. However, many fans believe that the lightning bolt was depicting the schizophrenia that Bowie’s brother had just been diagnosed with.

Since the release in 1973, this album has become one of the most popular Bowie released. Rolling Stone Magazine even charted this album in their “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”.

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Blog written by Kate Woodbridge