3 Of The Best Bluetooth Amplifiers.

Heading to University soon? We've chosen 3 of the best Bluetooth amplifiers that will keep up with your new student lifestyle.

Technology is advancing every day, with it, a new wave of amplifiers enthrall us with new super features and gadgets. The latest of these include three compact Bluetooth amplifiers, perfect for the natural habitat of the everyday student.

We begin with the newest addition to the Bluetooth family, the Fender Mustang GT-40.

Here's what Fender say: We take seven decades’ worth of experience crafting inspirational tools and use it to add new (and better) amp and effects models while making it easier to use all of this without sacrificing one iota of power. We make it easy to control a studio’s worth of authentic amp and effects models with one finger via Bluetooth and the exclusive Fender Tone app.

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Next up we have Marshall's contender for compact amp glory, the Marshall CODE 25.

What Marshall say: Fully programmable, CODE combines authentic modeling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp, and speaker cabinet models have been developed in collaboration with audio software pioneers Softube to create Marshall-Softube (MST) modeling, highly accurate recreations of classic and contemporary Marshall products and more.

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Finally, we have the ultra compact Blackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth Amplifier. This is the cheaper of the 3 amps but by all means, isn't at all shy.

Here's what Blackstar say: The FLY 3 Bluetooth mini amp retains all the great tone, flexibility of control and features of the original, but the addition of Bluetooth makes it the perfect take anywhere practice amp and MP3 speaker dock.

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So there we have it, that's our list of the best Bluetooth amps available at The Music Store & Music Store Pro. To see our full range of Amplifiers, from mini to massive, click here!