Oasis Supersonic Film

From the same people who produced AMY comes a new documentary for anyone who’s ‘Mad fer it’. Documenting the early years of Oasis, pieces of archive footage have been put together along with independent narration from Noel and Liam regarding the hedonic days of ‘Madchester’.

The film offers an Oasis fan the chance to see what it was like to be in the biggest band of its kind since The Beatles. No one can deny the truth in the words of Noel when he said “it just caught fire all around the world”. The same will no doubt go for this documentary as well as even just after a short trailer it’s already trending all over social media and the press.

After being signed in 1993, to then going and selling out two ground breaking nights at Knebworth in 1995, no one can deny the rapid rise of the band and how their influence can still be seen today. As many people will know, trouble followed the lads pretty much everywhere so the film is bound to provide entertaining moments amongst some rock ’n’ roll history.

Liam defined Oasis as being like a “Ferrari, beautiful to look at, beautiful to ride and occasionally it might spin out of control.” With this in mind, viewer’s best strap themselves in as they’re no doubt in for quite a ride when this hits the screens on 2nd October.

Already though, the film has sparked controversy within the Gallagher circle. Liam himself was outraged that the film wouldn’t be premiered in Manchester, instead having to travel to London for the first showing. It seems that the younger brother is still determined to be true to his roots even after signing a new record deal recently with Warner Bros records, so we certainly haven’t heard the last of any of this, not just yet anyway…