Festival Season Is Here!

Out in the middle of nowhere in a field full of people you don’t know - there’s something quite magical about festivals. The buzz of hearing your favourite bands, the community that is built with new friends; festivals are definitely a place where memories are made. With Glastonbury coming up this weekend, festival season is in full swing so it’s time to prepare for a weekend of madness.

Now, the British weather is very temperamental so it’s good to prepare for any situation. Here’s a checklist to help you remember all the important things:


- Festival Ticket

- ID

- Money (and something to keep it safe in)

- Phone (so you can keep in touch with friends or update your Instagram)

- Tent

- Sleeping Bag (check out this awesome The Who sleeping bag)

- Pillow/Mat/Inflatable Mattress (you want to be comfortable when sleeping otherwise you’ll really ache the next day!)

- Bin Bags (not only for rubbish, bin bags are great for sitting on if the ground is wet)

- Toilet Roll/Hand Sanitiser (portaloos are grim and always run out so carry some with you)

- Deodorant/Dry Shampoo (let’s be honest, you won’t shower for the whole weekend so at least spray yourself with something to give the illusion of being clean)

- Wet Wipes (these are great for cleaning yourself. It’s like a shower without the effort)

- Food/Drink (festival food is amazing but it does get pricey so always take some of your own food and drink for the campsite to fill up on to save a bit of money)

- Suncream (you don’t want your weekend ruined by painful sunburn, it’s no fun at all)


- Lightweight Raincoat (never know when it’s going to rain so get one that you can fold up and keep in your bag for emergencies)

- WELLIES (even if it’s meant to be glorious sunshine, it will be just your luck that the heavens will open and you’ll be wading through mud)

- Sunglasses (not only do they look cool, it will stop you squinting whilst trying to watch your favourite bands- check out our awesome Jack Daniels sunglasses)

- A Jumper/Socks(although it may be really hot, it will be freezing at night so a jumper and thick socks will help warm you up when it comes to bedtime)

- Awesome Band Tees (don’t worry, we have you covered. Take a look below…)

So now you have your essentials packed, it’s time to think about style. You’re going to want to look amazing and what a better way to look great than wearing t-shirts from your favourite bands?! Here’s a selection of t-shirts from the bands of this year’s top festivals!

Download Festival:

Reading and Leeds Festival:

Glastonbury Festival:

Isle of White Festival:

T In The Park Festival:

V Festival:

Now you’re kitted out in some great tees, check out all the other great festival essentials we have such as ukuleles for campsite singalongs, speakers for listening to music between bands, hats, bags and so much more.

Festival Essentials

The most important thing about music festivals is having fun and making memories so go out there, make new friends and have new experiences. Just stay safe and keep rocking!


Blog written by Jodie Allan