9 months after Black Sabbath confirmed that they will no longer be touring, Ozzy has announced that he will be retiring from his solo career. To finish of his legacy, he is completing a world tour beginning this May in Mexico. It has been planned that this tour will take 2 years, however the countries that he is visiting are yet to be announced fully. We know that Ozzy is also headlining at many festivals, which is presumed to be merged into his tour. So far, it has been announced that he will tour in the USA (including Welcome to Rockville, and Fort Rock Festival), Mexico, Chile, Russia, Finland, Sweden, UK (at Download Festival), Czech Republic, France (at Download Festival), Italy, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain Portugal and Israel! And that only takes us up to October 2018!



So, what can we expect from this tour?

The “No More Tours 2” tour is ‘Celebrating 5 decades of the Prince of Darkness’, following the original “No More Tours” tour, which was his initial farewell tour in 1992. We are expecting Ozzy to do a full tour of the UK in the following years to come.  However, his main focus is North America and summer festivals for this year. If you are fortunate to be in America currently, or visiting anytime soon, tickets for Ozzy have already gone on sale.

Osbourne says that it's not the end for his career. In an interview with Rolling Stone he states: "I'm not retiring; it's 'No More Tours,' so I'm just not doing world tours anymore. I'm still going to be doing gigs, but, I'm not going on tour for six months at a time anymore. I'd like to spend some time at home. I've experienced fantastic things; it's been an incredible journey," he says. "I just need to slow it down a little, I enjoy being a grandfather; I don't want to go through another generation of Osbournes without seeing them grow up."

It’s clear that Ozzy wants to take a step back and spend time with his family after missing key milestones in their life. However, after his last tour was dubbed to be his last (back in 1992), will this actually be his last?


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Blog by Kate Woodbridge.