Suicide Squad

The world is inundated with superhero movies but now it’s time to celebrate the bad guys. Suicide Squad is the new DC movie that is set to come out in August and it’s certainly different to any other DC film. Being released only a few months after the somewhat controversial Batman vs. Superman movie, Suicide Squad is sure to put a different spin on comic book films, as we know them.

So far, three trailers have been released and each shows a different side of the film. It shows the darkness but also the comedy aspects. The film only has a rating of 12A, but the trailers make it seem like they will push the boundaries of what’s acceptable, what with the scantily clad Harley Quinn and the ‘horror’ style of filming. The characters themselves have also been somewhat reimagined compared to that of the original comics, bringing them into the modern day and giving them appropriate(ish) outfits for the 21st century.

Plot-wise, the ‘Suicide Squad’ are a bunch of dangerous bad guys in a special type of prison that the government are trying to utilise their power(s) for the greater good. If they don’t do the task intended for them, they will die. If they are successful with their task, they will have shorter prison sentences. Quite a simple concept that will sure have its ups and downs.

As mentioned above, the outfits in the film are very different from the ‘old school’ version of the characters. Harley Quinn for instance is inspired by Blondie’s Debbie Harry from one of her famous punk outfits with her ripped Vultures t-shirt, studded belt and vinyl knickers, which is basically the same as Quinn wears in the film. Both Harley Quinn and the Joker are very punk rock and have been compared to Sid and Nancy in their relationship and look.

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