Nearly 50 years after they broke up, you’d think they’d have run out of things to do about The Beatles by now, but think again! From the mastermind behind The Da Vinci Code film and Frost/Nixon, Ron Howard is bringing out a new documentary called Eight Days A Week, following the bands touring years.

Assembling never before seen footage, this docu-film gives a fresh look at the band and is made to make you feel as though you’ve been taken right back to ’64. Hitting cinemas on the 15th of September, this is sure to be spectacular as Ron Howard is a massive Beatles fan himself. Look forward to never seen before interviews, anecdotes from the band, and an honest look at their 5 years on tour. The 100-minute documentary shows the crazy years that helped shape pop culture history.

For a comprehensive look at the film, Mojo have chosen the film to be their cover story this month, including a 20-page special on the band.

The Beatles

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The Beatles

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Written by Jodie Allan