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NUX Time Core Deluxe Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Time Core Deluxe, awesome, user-friendly delay sounds all wrapped up in one little box. You get a total of 7 different delay types offering a wide variety of delay effects from: 40ms Doubled Rock'n Roll delay, then all the way to 1500ms, with an absolutely mesmerizing wash for ambient echo!

Each delay mode has its own characteristic sound, tweak-able to personalize your preset. Fill your lead tone for solos or experience new and interesting ways to enhance rhythm guitar performance.

7 Delay Modes

Tape - Saturated repeats, a tape machine touch

Digital - Crystal clear repeats, best if you use any other modulation effects

Analog - Simulates the BBD algorithm and every repeat of the sound reusing the previous repeat. It comes down to personal taste.

Ping Pong - Repeats will bounce on left and right. Stereo output connection recommended.

Pan - Repeats have a pan algorithm and it will bounce from left to middle and then to right. Stereo output connection recommended.

Reverse - Repeats will play backward. You can explore the dark side of the moon!

Hold - 40 seconds loop station

Tap Tempo

You can customize the delay speed by using Time knob or press and hold the footswitch for 2 seconds to activate TAP TEMPO function.

After you choose a delay mode, the Time Knob controls the delay speed, the Mix Knob controls the effected signal and dry signal balance and the Repeat Knob adjusts the amount of repeats.

Time Core KnobsStereo Connection

It has Stereo Inputs and Outputs for a better audio experience and flexible routing, you can use Time Core Deluxe in any effect chain with various connection methods.

True Bypass / Buffered Tail

Bypass / T-Lock

Time Core Deluxe comes with a 3-way toggle-switch allowing you to change between 2 Bypass modes and NUX’s unique Tone Lock (T-Lock) function.


T-LOCK MODE: A physical dead-man switch designed to protect your parameter tweaks during your performance.

NORMAL MODE: True Bypass which bypasses the effects circuit.

Time Core True Bypass

 TAIL MODE:   Buffered Tail Bypass which maintains the effect of the last note played.

Time Core Buffer Bypass


7 Delay types

40ms – 2000ms

40 seconds looper

Nux Original TSAC Technology

32bit DSP, Hi-Performance 24bit 44.1kHz AD/DA converter

True Stereo Signal Processing Audio In/Out Routing Sensing

Tail Feature

Tone Lock function to freeze settings and save preset

True Bypass

Powered by one 9V Battery or Optional 9V Adaptor


Additional Information

Brand Nux