Legend Vinyl - Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

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Legend Vinyl - Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

For music enthusiasts, simply listening to music isn’t everything. It’s about the whole process of collecting vinyl, and looking after a big collection is part of being a serious collector. This high-quality vinyl cleaning kit is made with professionals and serious collectors in mind and gives you all the essential components you need for regular and reliable deep cleaning of your vinyl collection. Clean vinyl guarantees you the best sound quality and will help preserve your LPs longevity. This record cleaning kit is designed for people who love their vinyl – DJs, professionals, collectors, and record store owners alike.

Cleaning for optimum performance

Our Cleaning solution has been specially formulated to clean dust, and oils and also remove static which can all impair the sound quality of your vinyl. Our carefully balanced formula is a blend of a quick dry ‘no residue’ degreaser combined with anti-static and anti-bacterial agents to ensure a thorough clean and degrease. This 6-in-1 cleaning product has everything you need for regular cleaning of your records, guaranteeing long-lasting enjoyment of your music.

It has been made with professionals and collectors in mind because of its deep track cleaning, which ensures improved audio quality on a consistent basis. Precision cleaning creates a rich, warm, and vibrant sound, taking away the static sound all too familiar with some oft-neglected record collections.

Everything in one place

You won’t want to hide this cleaning kit away after you have used it. This reusable strong and durable storage box with its retro inspired design will look good next to your turntable and your LPs collection. Perfect for keeping all the tools you regularly use close to hand, accessible and on display.

The cleaning kit includes advanced, no-residue cleaning fluid that can clean up to 250 records. It also creates an antistatic layer to help protect your LPs use after use. For practicality, the spray nozzle ensures even distribution of the cleaning fluid and helps you minimise the amount of waste, so you can clean as many records as possible.

For additional cleaning there are wet and dry wipes to remove any stubborn marks. The extra-large lint free microfibre cloth (38×38) is perfect to rest your record on while cleaning and the fine microfibre cleaning cloth (28×28) is ultra-fine so wont scratch or damage the surface of your records

Easy to use vinyl record cleaning kit

This cleaning kit has been specifically crafted to leave no smears, no residue, and to make sure that your records have a long life. You can have records looking brand new in no less than three easy steps. First, you remove dust from the surface with a wet or dry wipe, then rest your record on top of the microfibre cloth and apply the cleaning solution. Finally, dry the disc with the fine microfibre cloth and, hey presto, you have a perfectly clean and ready-to-use record.

  • Everything you need to clean your vinyl in one place
  • 200ml advanced anti-static cleaning fluid
  • 38 x 38 multi-purpose lint-free microfibre cloth
  • 32 x 32 fine microfibre cloth
  • 10 x wet & 10 x dry wipes for additional cleaning

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