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Electro Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz Pedal

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Extremely versatile, nano-sized, and based on the iconic RAT2 distortion, it's the all-new Electro Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz Pedal!

Named after the iconic Flatiron building in New York (also printed on the pedal's chassis), the Flatiron Fuzz can go from pleasing mild distortion to all-out arena rock at the twist of a dial.



Made using a late '70s style circuit, and boasting symmetrical hard clipping, it's hard not to compare the Flatiron with the aforementioned RAT2.

Thanks to the circuitry used, the unique Filter knob, and the Drive control, the EHX Flatiron is as versatile as you could want a distortion pedal to be. 



When you want to adjust the amount of input gain into the fuzz circuit, Drive is the control to go to. Dial in tones ranging from mildly-distorted blues, through to crushing high-gain distortion with ease - whatever takes your fancy!



Ever used a fuzz pedal and wished you could tame those natural highs a notch? Well, thanks to the Filter control knob, the Flatiron can do just that.

Start with the control pointing to 12 o-clock, and then adjust it according to your taste - clockwise for more highs, counter-clockwise for less.



While the similarities between the Flatiron and the RAT2 are obvious to anyone who's used the latter, upon playing the former we think you may well prefer it (as do Electro Harmonix themselves) - especially at that price!



Classic op-amp powered fuzz/distortion

Delivers symmetrical hard clipping

As you turn down your guitar volume, it cleans up, but not all the way

Unique Filter control

Compact, pedalboard friendly design

Comes with a 9Volt battery, accepts an optional EHX9.6DC-200 AC Adapter

Features True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity in bypass mode



EHX Flatiron Fuzz

Instruction Manual

9V Power Supply


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Brand Electro-Harmonix